New Sketches

I wanted to post these new sketches I was working on. None of them a finished product but I really like the look of them partway done. I will be posting them in the future in a finished state.

Jeanine and Clint

Two new pieces for this post. The first one is a design using my friend Jeanine. I love the flowers wrapping around her. I took pictures of her about four years ago and have finally used them for a piece. The second is a shot from The Good The Bad The Ugly of Clint Eastwood. I have always been a huge western movie fan. I think anyone that is loves this movie.

Bunny Santa Kazoo

The CEO of my company sent me an email asking me to make a design for a t-shirt he wanted for something personal. I have no idea what it was about but this is what he said, "I need a picture with a person dressed as a bunny, then a + sign a santa, another + sign and a head with a marching band hat playing a kazoo." This is what I sent him and he said perfect. That was a relief.

Horses In Love... awwwwww

I really do not draw animals as often as I should. Just thought I would break it up a bit. The one with the flowers just got a little too cute for me (but I think my Grandmother would love it) so I had to do a version with shapes. Going to try my hand at some other animals in some future posts.

Profile and Pattern

Did some more just free sketching ideas for future projects. I want to work more patterns into my work. Now off to the art store to buy some paper. A sketch of Claudia.

Apple Blossoms

I just finished this design for a children's clothing store.

Five Faces

Southern Hospitality

Click to enlarge

Sketch of fashion blogger Jordan Streetman of the blog Southern Hospitality. Great blog!!

Sleigh Bells

A long time ago I was in a metal band. During that time I played some shows with Derek while he was in his old band Poison The Well. I recently saw him here in SF and met Alexis. Really nice people.
I am really happy about how the lettering came out in this piece. I have a couple more pieces I will be posting this week.

"When It Pains It Roars" Blake Schwarzenbach

In the mid nineties there was pretty much only one band that mattered to me and that was Jawbreaker. You could say they were the soundtrack to my early twenties. So thought I would do a portrait of Blake (singer guitarist). I used a photo by Chrissy Piper for reference (a fantastic photographer).

Lady Gaga Lorem Ipsum

I love drawing typeface as much as figures. The design aspect of having the figures living in this world of type is an obsession of mine. Lorem Ipsum and Lady Gaga ... what a perfect combo.