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Here is my next installment of recognizable faces using Jake Gyllenhaal. Had a lot of fun with the colors on this one. Went through so many variations and will probably post some more of them.

Tom & Katie

Thought I would start to use some figures that were more of a recognizable nature. Not really sure why I choose Tom and Katie but it works. More to come this week of people we all should know. Thoughts on subject matter?

Late Afternoon, Summer 2011 Header

I love doing Liz's headers. We have been working together for some time and always seem to have similar ideas.

Mode Karussell

Drawing I did for German fashion blogger Mimi Kolbe.

Huey P. Newton

Sometimes I think most of the stuff I do is just so damn cute. Ha ha. So decided to put something together that couldn't be cute. A poster of the co-founder of the Black Panther Party, Huey P. Newton. Someone that was not afraid to fight for the things he believed in.


I love classic movies and classic movie posters. They seem to always be an inspiration to me. Thought I would make one of my own with one of my favorite actresses.

Silver Swans Poster

That is Ann Yu the singer of Silver Swans with a poster I designed for them. She is the cutest!!